Bathtub Refinishing Kit – DIY or Hire Professionals?

Are you having a hard time removing those molds and mildew in the tiles of your bathtub? Or maybe you’ve had enough of your bathtub turning yellow, making it look too gross to use? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then worry not, for our bathtub refinishing kit can help you fix this problem.

refinishing kit has been developed to solve your bathtub molding and aging
troubles and keep it looking brand new for a long time. You may either ask
assistance from professional bathtub refinishers, or you may do it by yourself.

We guarantee
you that whether you opt to ask a professional to refinish your bathtub using
our product or you do it on your own, the results would be almost the same. Of
course, when you ask for professional help, there would be some advantages to
overdoing it by yourself.

for Professional Help

When asking
for professional help, you will have a lot of advantages. Not only can they
evaluate your bathtub, but they can check your tiles as well. And the best part
of them all, these professionals already use our bathtub refinishing kit for
their refinishing needs.

The only
downside to getting professional help would be seen in your budget. Our product
ranges from $250 to $500. But considering the labor cost of professionals, you
might reach a price of $1000 to $1250.

Although the
price seems expensive, the hiring professional gains a lot of promise. Let us
show you the benefits of hiring a professional and using our kit.

1. Gives
Better Results

years of experience, training, and hard work, these professionals have almost
perfected the craft of refinishing and restoring bathtubs to their former
glory. They have already used our bathtub refinishing kit time and time again,
getting jaw-dropping results.

They also
use different refinishing bathtubs that you won’t be able to do yourself, like
the miracle method. This method involves the blending of fast-drying acrylic
resins that mixes well with the tile surface. It beautifies both your bathtub
and your tiles.

2. Provides
you a wider variety of color selection

Although our
refinishing kit provides many colors for your refinishing needs, many
professionals try to blend in more colors from our current selection. And since
these professionals have contacts from other markets and vendors, they could
request help when getting new colors that you won’t see in our palette.

3. Saves
you time

If you hire
a professional to do the job for you, the time required to refinish your
bathtub would be faster. Familiarity with our product makes these professionals
work more quickly since they have already memorized our guidelines by heart.
Not only that, they already know all the prep work needed to be done before
starting their refinishing project.

4. Safety

Working with
our bathtub refinishing kit would involve strong-smelling fumes from paints and
dangerous chemical elements. These professionals already have complete safety
gear when working on your bathtub. They would also set up safety equipment
inside so that the fumes won’t escape the workplace.

Doing the
Job by Yourself

Depending on
the budget you have, you have the option to refinish your bathtub by yourself
if you have budget restrictions. Do not worry because we assure you that this
task proves to be doable on your own.

that you would do this task on your own, we will show you what you need to do
and avoid.

for you to do

1. Read and study our bathtub
refinishing kit manual before starting on your bathtub. This would give you an
idea of how to do your preparations and where to start first. Just follow
everything that you see in the manual, and there won’t be any problems.

2. Properly sand your bathtub. Ensure
that you properly execute this procedure because it would significantly affect
your refinishing if you don’t rub your tub correctly. The better you do your
sanding, the longer the refinishing stays on your tub.

3. Proper ventilation needs to be the
number one priority. Paint fumes can prove dangerous to your health; therefore,
we require you to wear a mask while working and use a fan to ventilate those
fumes away.

4. Use a spray gun and not those
rolling paintbrushes. Spray guns give a better finish than those rolling

for you to Avoid

1. Avoid using regular paint. If you would
like to make your tub look like a quality made bathtub, use the proper color we

2. Upon finishing the job, do not take
a bath in your bathtub for too long – maybe just for a week or two. Since the
tub has newly been refinished and you have done it on your own, you cannot be
sure if the paint job would last.

Whether you do it on your own or ask for
professional help, as long as you use our refinishing kit, you can expect your
bathtub to look sparkling new once again.

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