Why BIM Modelling Services Are Increasingly Popular

In recent decades advances in technology have seen
both services and production processes become increasingly efficient and
cost-effective. Nowhere has been truer than in the design and documentation
process that is essential for the successful completion of complex building
projects. One of the technologies that are now employed is known as Building
Information Modelling (BIM).

BIM modelling services allow stakeholders such as architects, engineers, cost consultants, and those responsible for the installation of various elements of the building to harness the power of a flexible digital representation of the project during all its phases. The view and information supplied by the BIM technology allow these stakeholders insight into the functionality of the structure, as well as its physical properties while construction is underway.

BIM modelling
services, often delivered
by a specialist BIM consultant, allow each of these stakeholders to gain
a holistic view of the project and all of the elements which are required to
ensure that the design and function of the building are optimised, and all elements work in harmony
once the project has been completed. The use of technology avoids the common
downfalls of the ‘silo’ mentality, which can cause problems in many
construction projects.

The BIM approach has gained traction over the years
due to several other factors. It is a holistic solution that allows for
planning and management of the project; however, it is the flexibility of the
system that is its greatest strength. Project elements can be easily
customized, and flexibility means that cost control becomes far easier –
meaning that it provides the users with superior return on investment. That
return on investment is further enhanced because Building Information Modelling can also save
tremendous amounts of time during project execution by facilitating
communication between role-players.

In short, BIM makes sense – mainly when used during large
capital intensive and complex projects.