Moissanite Vs Diamond, Which Is Better?

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When it comes to Moissanite vs Diamond and which stone is better it is all up to what is important to the individual who will be wearing the stone. Today there is a near colorless and high-quality gemstone that features a lot of sparkle known as Moissanite on the markets that is giving the traditional Diamond a real run-for-it’s money.

Moissanite Vs Diamond Facts, Similarities And Differences

Many are surprised when it comes to comparing Moissanite and Diamond stones. After comparisons many now claim that Moissanite is regarded as the superior gemstone and these are the reasons why:

•Moissanite is nearly a colorless gemstone

•Most of the more common diamonds are classified as near colorless

•Moissanite measures 9.25 on the what is known as the Mohs Hardness scale which means it is the 2nd hardest gem

•Diamonds rank 10 on the Mohs Hardness scale which makes these stones the hardest gems

•Moissanite features more dispersion (flashes) or fire at an impressive .104

•While Diamonds rank much lower at .044

•Moissanite when compared to a diamond has higher refractive brilliance or index which is known as the sparkle which measures at 2.65

•Diamonds measure at 2.42

•Moissanite is a stone that is lab-created as the natural state of these stones cannot be found on planet Earth. Moissanite was first discovered inside a meteorite

•Diamonds on the other hand are available in their natural states. However, today there are a number of companies that create Diamonds in labs such as Life Gem, Takara, Gemesis and Apollo

•Moissanite is a far more affordable option when compared to Diamonds

•Diamonds are generally sold in the form of an “investment”. However, average consumers do not purchase these investment graded stones and in addition, very few of the jewelers will offer to buy these stones back at their full price

•Both Diamonds and Moissanites are cut by hand with the aim of optical properties that will ensure the best qualities of the stone are revealed

The 4C’s Of The Moissanite Stones (Not Official)


This gem typically is in the very near to colorless range of the diamonds rated in the F, G, H and I. However, a slight yellowish or green undertone is found in some of these stones in certain types of lighting. The Round Brilliant shows up as the whitest and are the most popular shape for the Moissanite stones.


The Moissanite measures VS1 – VS2 and is always typically eye clean. But when placed under magnification tubes or needles inclusions from the process of creation can be viewed.


Carat is to do with the weight and not the actual size and gemstones are generally sized using MM. For instance, 6.5MM Moissanite is equal to a 1 carat diamond.


Moissanites are not able to offer the same beauty as a diamond if they happen to be cut using the same proportions of when a diamond is cut. This is due to the difference in their optical properties.