Quality, Long Lasting Sunglasses

If you’re a sporty person and are fed up of buying sunglasses which break really easy, then you should try Sports Eye Wear. They offer a fantastic range of sunglasses, the majority of which come with the option of being prescription sunglasses. All of their eyewear meets the requirements of International Standards of protective eyewear. Some of the sports you can purchase sunglasses for include cycling, running and cricket. You can find a pair for everyone due to there being so many styles and colours available. These long lasting sunglasses are also comfortable and durable, so they don’t rub when you’re wearing them and they feel comfortable. The sunglasses come from a range of popular brands such as Nike and Ray Bans. Each pair of sunglasses has its own set of features such as with an adjustable strap, a double slide strap, padding and different treatments on the lenses. The majority of these sunglasses come with multiple options for lens tint and material options as well as a range of colour options, this means if you find a style you like you can adjust them to fit your preferences. You might want to try Bolle sunglasses here.

Some of the sunglasses that they offer which are great for football are the Bolle Crunch; these come as prescription sunglasses. They are available in grey and blue or white and pink. They come in two sizes which are small and medium. They have used 2mm thickness polycarbonate lenses in these glasses for protection; a strap can be attached for a more secure fit. The lenses come with platinum anti scratch and anti fog coating. These sunglasses come with a durable case, a sports retainer strap and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The lenses are clear with a platinum coating.

A pair of their sunglasses which would be great for cricket would be the Sunwise waterloo blue. These have a distinct shiny blue frame with red features. They have been fitted with chromafusion 2.0 grey lenses and have a sun rating of 3.the arms are comfortable and tend to stay in place without moving around too much. They are also good for running and cycling. The REC Specs Maxx 21 is also ideal for cricket. They come in black, blue, crimson and silver. The tints and coatings available are clear, dark brown 85% and dark grey 85%. The lenses fitted are polycarbonate lenses. They have been fitted with an adjustable strap and soft padding for a nice fit and comfort; they also have padding on the bridge of the nose so they don’t rub when being worn.

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