The 5 Best Prams In The World

Prams are very important for navigating life with your new child. If you ever plan to leave your home with your child, you will definitely get your money’s worth out of any stroller that you choose from the ones below. Here are the 5 best prams in the world today.

1. Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

Despite the name, this stroller is not meant for jogging even though it has a 3-wheel design that provides a smooth ride around various city obstacles including crowds and cracked sidewalks. Since it is a lightweight pram, it is ideal for public transportation and small trunks. However, this pram does not have an adjustable handlebar.

2. Baby Jogger City Stroller

In spite of its name, this pram is not a jogging stroller but is a standard stroller that will grow with your family to accommodate up to 3 children. Considering that the biggest regrets that previous parents have is failing to choose a stroller that can be used with several children, this is a big deal. The pram comes with just one seat but you can add one more and even a glider board later for your toddler to stand on. You can configure the pram’s seats in different ways since they can face each other, face front, or face you. In addition, this stroller has an adjustable handlebar.

3. BOB Revolution Pro Stroller

The BOB Revolution is a jogging stroller that can handle rough terrain and glides like a dream to help your baby enjoy good off-roading with you. It is easy to steer meaning that it is possible to push and steer using just one hand.

4. Graco Relay Jogger Stroller

This pram makes it easy to be on the go with pocket cup holders for both you and your lovely bundle of joy. It also has phone pockets and zippered storage to help keep your essentials close. In addition, Graco car seats also do click right into the pram too.

5. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

If you have the money to spend then this is the pram that you need to buy. With this stroller you can accommodate up to 3 children since the stroller can expand to fit an additional seat as well as a standing platform. You can reverse the seats so that your children can sit facing each other, facing you, or facing front. However, the thing that you will probably love most about this stroller is its massive storage basket with a capacity of up to 30 pounds. In addition, the stroller comes with a bassinet you can attach to it that you can detach later to take inside.


Considering the many wonderful pram options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one. What you need to do us take your time and do not stress. Think of how you will be using the stroller most of the time, the activities that you will be engaging in, and find a match. The 5 strollers discussed in this articles are the best prams in the world. It is up to you to make your selection.

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